Easy Outdoor Pizza Oven

Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza oven is a project that can be achieved with basic materials and proper execution, usually within a week. An outdoor oven uses a wood fire to cook and flavor foods; pizza and breads are popular for prepared using this method rustic dish.

How to build outdoor pizza oven?

1 Place wooden pallet on a flat surface outdoors where oven will be built.

2 Place a single layer of red brick in horizontal rows, even more than surface of pallet.

3 Wet sand so it can be easily molded. Form hemisphere shaped sand on top of layer of bricks. Hemisphere builds as large as outside of furnace sand clay.

4 two sheets of newspaper with water. Place paper on sand hemisphere.

5 Apply a three-inch layer of clay in newspapers. Clay seams with fingers mold to form pieces of clay on a uniform piece. clay forms outside furnace.

6 Allow clay to dry for three hours. Cutting an arcuate opening in clay with a knife so that apex of arc reaches 2/3 of distance from hemisphere.

7 Pull sand of arched opening. Allow clay to dry for a week before using outdoor pizza oven for first time.