Easy Installation Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Do you know where you put wall mount kitchen faucet and how to join sink pipes of grid? Install faucet and pipes in kitchen will not be difficult following steps. Faucet installation mechanism is independent of range of taps like.

Posted on October 9, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

  1. He flip sink and drills, in place where you will install tap, a small hole that will guide to a larger one. There are models already bringing hole to install wall mount kitchen faucet
  2. Place sink into its original position and opens a larger hole with a drill bit. (Hole should have a cutting diameter corresponding to size of wall mount kitchen faucet).
  3. Turn sink and put drain cap (part that connects sink to other pipes).
  4. Place sink in hollow of counter and places tap.
  5. Linking two hoses from tap to inlet water. (Puts unions in order: cold hot and cold hot Seen from front, right duct is for cold water and left for hot water.
  6. Sink pipes connected to grid. Pipe coming out of bosom of sink should be linked to general sewer. Use PVC glue to fix latter to sink tube protruding from wall.
  7. Finally, apply a bead of silicone around sink to prevent water seepage.

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