Diy Zinc Countertops

Sep 26th

For a kitchen or bathroom with industrial chic style or a look of vintage country cover its zinc countertops. It is similar to stainless steel, but eventually a lovely patina that resembles pewter develops. Zinc is present in thin films in a variety of thicknesses, but 0.027 inch thick sheets 0.060 inches thick to cover countertops work best. Requiring only a few simple tools, a zinc countertop is easy for the average homeowner to install.

Zinc Kitchen Countertops
Zinc Kitchen Countertops

Measuring the zinc countertops length, width and thickness of the top layer plywood base, and the location and dimensions of the sink. Add the thickness of the top and an extra 3/4 or more the length and width of the counter for every edge folding over the front or sides of the counter.

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Mark and cut a square in every corner of the zinc countertops from the outermost point of the zinc to the corner of the floor base plywood using tin snips. Bending the edges of sheet zinc above and below the front face of the folding soft top sheet with short length of wood and a mallet or hammer. Tap lightly with mallet or hammer for the zinc to lie as close as possible to the surface of the counter and to create a smooth fold line.