DIY Invisible Shelf With Metal Unique Bookends

Unique bookends – Invisible bookshelves give the appearance of floating in the air. What is unseen is a metal rack that is smaller than the book. The book’s covered and hides the shelf. Numerous companies make invisible bookshelves, but making them at home requires nothing more than drilling a few holes and screws. Stack of books on the bottom of the bookend on the wall until it is completely covered.

Posted on December 27, 2022 Bookends

Let the ruler vertically in the middle of a bookend. It is the part that rests on the books. Drill holes in the two marks by using the drill and metal drill. Set the part of the book support with the markings on the wooden block so that the markings facing upward. Repeat with the remaining unique bookends. Find a stud in the wall for hanging the shelf. Move the stud finder horizontally on the wall at the height you have selected for the proposed shelf. Mark the stud with the pencil. This is one side of the tap. Move the stud finder in the same direction until you find the other end of the beam, and mark it with a pencil.

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Place a check mark in the middle of the stud between the two brands. Delete the two points on the edges of the tap, the only remaining. Outset of the first marks, and inserts a second mark for the other screw. Press the bookend to the wall, drawing up the holes with the marks on the wall. Place a screw in the hole, and drill into the wall. Repeat with the rest of unique bookends, placing them anywhere on the wall you want.