DIY Childrens Bookends Ideas

Oct 13th

Childrens bookends – Organizing your books does not have a job. Books are a great decoration for home, provided they are tidy and displays add character to any room. Comply with creative DIY childrens bookends basis for a look that is personal and chic. Creating DIY childrens bookends bases from covered bricks is as simple as it sounds. Take two bricks at a local hardware store. Use paper or fabric to cover the bricks, wrapping the brick like you would when wrapping a gift. For paper, use double-sided tape to secure it. For fabric, use a pair of needles for sewing. You will use the childrens bookends with the wrapped sides facing inwards, leaving you with clean surfaces facing the outside. You can further enhance the childrens bookends by drawing or painting something on the outside through a stencil.

Childrens Bookends Uk
Childrens Bookends Uk

Adorned grand chandeliers can be purchased at thrift stores, antique shops or stores for home decoration. Porte large candles create a statement and also are sturdy enough to serve as childrens bookends. Choose candle holders that are in tune with the color scheme of the room you are going to be. If you paste a couple at a great price and feel you do not fit the room in terms of color, a quick trip to the hardware store for a suitable spray paint will do the trick.

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childrens bookends, Put the candle holders on newspaper and spray them in a well ventilated area. Allow candle holders to dry for an hour. Place the books on the shelf and flank each side with a candle holder. Add a large pillar candle for even more surprise factor, but not burn candles in these holders.