Discovering Contemporary Platform Beds

Contemporary platform beds of today have the platform for new types of foundations that help them better accommodate new mattresses on the market. Twenty years ago there were few memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses in homes every day. Most of the market was dominated by spring mattresses that can usually be accommodated properly in most systems lamas. Memory foam and latex mattresses however require a more solid basis due to the nature of the materials on the surface. For this reason, a different foundation must come into play.

Posted on September 28, 2022 Home Furniture

New designs of contemporary platform beds are starting to be created with base metal or steel with built in sound systems slats. These beds are specifically designed with new mattresses in mind. Many of these beds can also incorporate a steel beam system chipboard panel also creates a solid surface for the specialty and memory foam mattresses.

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The design of platform bed you choose may have much to do with the type of mattress you have. Contemporary platform beds have evolved much in the way of materials and finishes used. The trends of an oak a few decades ago included many wood grain finishes on hard to create some of the best designs in classic and traditional beds.