Design Of Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Wooden frames reclaimed wood mirror can run on almost any decor, from modern to traditional. Choose a rustic look, unfinished, with clear recycled or ends a frameset with a tinge of bright color for a modern look wooden. The wooden frame is available with or without termination, but if you have some pieces of wood around the house, considers making a frame. Consider your decor. If your furniture and accessories are inclined towards the warm and folk style, consider a wooden frame recovered.  A wooden frame for a mirror in a baby’s room or hallway should improve or supplement the space somehow.

Posted on October 24, 2022 Home Interior

Measure your reclaimed wood mirror, and record the dimensions. Go to store home improvement for wood or a previously assembled frame, and buy enough for your project. Cut with a saw wood into four pieces, as measured by the mirror.

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Using a miter corners. If you do not have a miter box, do not worry. For a small fee, hardware will miter for you. Sand the rough edges. Glue the pieces with wood glue, put a clamp. Remove the clamps, and scrape off excess glue with a straight edge. And printer’s devices applied paint or stain. Supports the framework and reclaimed wood mirror adhesive placed around it.