Design Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

Its name comes from the mosaic kitchen tiles were installed in the subway in New York in the early twentieth century and then spread to other cities. A tile was designed to bring light, strength and ease of cleaning, in this public space. The subway tile has a format of 10 x 20 cm, are painted in white and beveled pieces, becoming a design icon and where the passage of time has not diminished her charm, quite the contrary….

Posted on January 5, 2023 Backsplashes Kitchen

In today’s kitchen design subway tile type is very present, providing a certain retro air that turns the kitchen into a pleasant space. The installation of underground tiles in a kitchen reform, not condition the style of mosaic kitchen tiles, because it is a timeless tile suitable for all kitchens. We may also see replicas of subway tiles in other colors, and even natural stone, such as marble, inspired by the format and further opening the aesthetic possibilities.

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The mosaic kitchen tiles are a good choice when timelessness, brightness, cleanliness, designs, aesthetics.  In the reform of a mosaic kitchen tiles, lots to choose from and to facilitate the work are professionals. For my part I can help you with your kitchen project.