Curved Shower Curtain Rod For Small Showers

Showers strangely not have to use a conventional shower bar. If you have a shower at an angle of 90 degrees at the outer corner, treat it as if it were an inside corner with windows on two sides. The specialty curtain rods L-shaped are available in home decorating stores and window treatment –Curved Shower Curtain Rod for Small Showers.

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Search for curved shower curtain rod for small showers waterproof material. Hangers installed directly on the wall above the shower enclosure at the end portions of the walls. Such alternative shower bar must be used if it is in an L shaped recess with a wall at the end of each of the short sides.

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Angled rod curved shower curtain rod for small showers the connectors are available where window treatments sold. Note that you will probably need to add support for curtain rods above if you choose this method. Install ceiling suspension brackets in the corners of the shower rod to hold it in place