Creative Small Garden Styles

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Small Garden Styles 2019

Advantage of small garden styles is invested in resources and less maintenance and can be renewed easily. It is still confined spaces can be in contact with nature. If garden is located at rear of residence, it is suggested planting around walls, and should leave an area of grass or stones or gravel. grass always gives a feeling of spaciousness. Plants should be planted well: taller, back, and lower, forward, leaving a space between them so that they grow not obstructs each other ads. You can make small walking trails invite visually into garden.

With good weather outdoor spaces such as gardens, are busiest. Therefore, we show a collection of photos with ideas for small garden styles. It is important to decorate with plants but not abused. you can also installing a small pond and use gravel to give garden a touch of Japanese decor . Use of wood in garden contrasts with green of plants, you can also plant some grass and plants or shrubs around fence.

Expert advises designing a vertical garden wall or place hanging plants for small garden styles. It is also ideal to choose architectural plants such as agave or phormium, which can be surrounded with small pots, to give an elegant and modern touch.

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