Creative Pantry Storage Cabinet

Like any other room in house, pantry storage cabinet some maintenance when it comes to saturate control and organization. Whether your space is large or small, with a little creativity, organizing kitchen pantry can be a breeze. Some ideas shelves help make your pantry one of his favorite places in house.

Posted on October 5, 2022 Kitchen Cabinets

Go Laminate

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Create a laminate closet organizer for kitchen pantry as you would for a bedroom closet. Incorporate shelves, drawers and pull-out wire baskets. Buy at a hardware store (Lowes or Home Depot, for example), and install according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Incorporate Spice Racks

Use inside of pantry door to install a vertical metal band with close metal racks used for spices, oils, salad dressings and other items of small pantry.

Go from floor to ceiling

best way to maximize storage space in any room is going vertically from floor to ceiling. Whatever option you choose shelves, make sure rack covers pantry storage cabinet space. Use top shelves to store additional bulky items.

Using Storage Containers

Once pantry storage cabinet is in place, buying containers with clear lid to store things like cereals and pasta. Use plastic or wicker baskets for dry goods, and have as items together. Using tiered turntable for canned products.