Creative Mason Jar Decorations

Good morning readers! Today’s post we will speak about Mason jar decorations. Most people think when they see Mason jar decorations, and you certainly can do it. However, these containers have many other applications. There are many wonderful art projects, gifts and home decor ideas for the holidays that can be performed using glass jars. Many ideas can be assembled in a few minutes you’ll see a last minute decorations and gifts. Buy new blood vessels from the case or digging through your basement and garage for a treasure of recycled cans a low-cost alternative to store bought creations. Jar mixes

Posted on October 8, 2022 Home Decor

Decorate the house for the holidays, making candle holders Mason jar decorations. Place tea light candles in jars painted a festive glow, or set a glass votive holder or small vase of flowers on the edge of a narrow mouth Mason jar to hold a votive candle. Paint your face white vase with a snowman, reindeer face with a brown or orange for a face Jack-o-Lantern. Tie a piece of flannel around the edge of a snowman, antlers cut foam to glue the reindeer head, or tie several strands of raffia around the circle of the Jack-o-Lantern.

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