Creative Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Build a closet “out of the box” free standing kitchen cabinets to maximize wall space and create an alternative way to divide your living space. An independent cabinet gets its support from its construction cubicle on a very strong foundation. When carrying out its independent cupboard, enjoy a walk around your new storage solution.

Posted on October 13, 2022 Kitchen Cabinets

How to free standing kitchen cabinets?

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  1. Cutting sheetrock to finish the walls and ceiling of the closet independent. Transfer measurements of width and length of each wall to the sheetrock, draw a straight line with a ruler and a pencil and then draw the line with a knife.
  2. Double the sheetrock on the cutting line until it snaps in two, and then cut through the back with a knife to separate the pieces.
  3. Align the sheetrock wall with each end falling on a wooden beam and the long screw on each wooden beam covers sheetrock.
  4. Spread joint compound over the screw holes and seams. Soft paper tape on the seams, the tack corner on each outer corner of the closet. Pen a smooth layer of joint compound over the tape of paper with a spatula and blur tool.
  5. Prime and paint your new free standing kitchen cabinets