Create A Home Made Water Fountain

You can create a home made water fountain with a pot, decorative stones and bamboo stalks for any table in your home. This simple project will add atmosphere to your home with the soft sounds of water bubbling in the background.

Posted on November 13, 2022 House Ideas

The first step in creating your home made water fountain is placed in the center of the pot and run the cord through the drain opening. You must apply sealant around the cable and any other drain hole with putty. Paste decorative stones on all sides of the brick, but one of the short ends. You can put bamboo around and bricks with more decorative stones. One head of the source to the pump nozzle and raise it as high as you want. Alternatively, you can use a pipe, you’ll need to paste into the brick covered rocks to stay in place. The pump will circulate the water for your power from the pot, or reserve until the head or tube of the fountain, where it will rain or flow.

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The last step in creating your home made water fountain, you can try the pump settings to see the amount of water contained in a container. Fill it with water and plug the pump.