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Corrugated metal roofing can be a quick installation project. You can use it in new construction or renovations. If you just start with metal roofs, you may want to start with a smaller project. Corrugated roofing installation for a home is a big project. Make sure your local codes allow use of metal roofing materials before beginning.

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Choose smooth aluminum metal roofs or choose one of many colors available. You can find metal roofs in a variety of weights and made from a variety of metals. Corrugated metal roofing today also it comes stamped with a variety of designs that can make it look like shingles or tiles. You can also buy metal roofing materials that are translucent to allow light to filter through.

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Begin installing corrugated metal roofing in lower corner of roof. Make sure it is square. Work your way through roof, overlapping each sheet as you go. Each panel should have approximately 40 nails to secure it in place. You can drill pilot holes in metal, if you want, but it works just as well to hold nail with a pair of tweezers as leads. If you need to add additional metal panels, keep working your way up to ceiling. Complete installation of corrugated roof ridge.