How To Choose Tiny House Appliances Properly

Decorating tiny house would be both exciting and exhausting. The tiny house concept is very different with other standard house decor. The tiny house, as its name, is very small and has very limited space. So you need to find the best way in decorating it from interior, exterior, and also choosing the right furniture. If you want to have the best tiny house look, you should think so well about the interior design, furniture, and also appliances. What are the most essential tiny house appliances you should have in the tiny house? Here we are going to discuss about it, and we hope can give you some inspiration.

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Tiny House BedroomSize: 818 x 546

Tiny House KitchenSize: 1060 x 595

Tiny House Living RoomSize: 2000 x 1343

Kitchen is the high traffic area in almost home. There are various activities done in the kitchen, such as preparing food until having dinner together. Is that possible to do in a tiny house? Of course yes! The tiny house, although it has no more than 500 square feet, but it can accommodate every need of you from bedroom to kitchen. You can decorate your kitchen with countertop, kitchen cabinet, and even the microwave and refrigerator. The key is choosing the appropriate size, and then decide the right placement for each. You can see the photo example above for idea.

Living Room


Living room is one of the biggest concern that people think about in every house, unexceptionally in a tiny house. The tiny space does not bother people to have such a cute living space to sit down, relax with a cup of coffee, while enjoying the beautiful outdoor look in your leisure time. You need to carefully decide and consider the best living room design by choosing the right tiny house appliances to place there. My favorite is the folding table. It can be folded to the wall when it is unused, so it can help you to saving time. The sofa with storage beneath will be the focal point there. You also need to find the best way for storage solution in this room.



In every tiny house, loft bedroom could be the best idea. Because there is no more spaces to use to be a bedroom, you can make your home higher, and then build the loft in it. Use the loft as the place to put bed, some drawers, and probably the desk. Who says that living in a loft bedroom is not quite good, you should try because it would be very pleasing. Do not bring to much stuffs or appliances to your tiny house bedroom, or this place would be so stuffy and crowded.