Charm Fireplace Screens

Many people usefulness of fireplace screens will question belief that is totally dispense with screen is that many argue that a protective screen for fireplaces can break charm and magic of fireplace and “disfigure” his special corner. Nothing is further from truth, a screen for fireplaces not just magic of home fires but can give an extra touch of mystery to watch fire through grid. Also, how would it be magical to be having a good time beside fireplace and constantly burning fire with sparks?

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Often we relate security and protection with a poor and simple style but this is absolutely wrong, because screens for fireplaces can be a decorative and protective object in only one element and this preconception also occurs with screen fireplace or salvachispas. Fireplace screens not only protect us from getting burned by sparks from fire, but help reinforce style and atmosphere of each space.

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Forging screens have to be made ​​in a material that is resistant to fire and temperatures very high, so as a rule are made ​​of wrought iron and dark colors in order to also avoid soiling easily. In this way we can find fireplace screens forging an elegant and refined design that seamlessly combined into a romantic or Shabby Chic.