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Tiny House Bathroom Hacks Must Know

Bathroom and shower is needed by everyone in their house. You need to consider to choose the best tiny house bathroom for your own tiny house designed so well with best furniture and layout, plus with best lighting. Do you want to have the best tiny house? So you should have the bathroom inside with very good design.

Even if the tiny house size is no more than 150 square feet, you can still have bathroom, living room, and also kitchen there. With very good bathroom in your tiny house, you turn this very limited space as a great livable place both for second home and recreation need. You can decorate your own tiny house bathroom so easy. So here are some ideas you should read.

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Tiny House BathroomSize: 1066 x 1600

Tiny House Bathroom.jpgSize: 1066 x 1600

Tiny House BathroomsSize: 800 x 600

Tiny House Bathroom Ideas and Tips



First of all if you want to have the best tiny house bathroom is having the best shower. Shower will be the important place where you spend time to relax your body after a very tiring day yo face outside. You need to decorate your shower as well as possible and you can consider to decorate it with beautiful accent curtains. Rather than shower glass, shower curtain is better because it can be pulled when it is unused to give feel of larger in bathroom in tiny house.


Bathtub is the focal point in every bathroom. You need to choose the best bathtub for your bathroom made of good quality material and the appropriate shape. You can consider for having a cool Jacuzzi bathtub or wooden bathtub for function and beauty. Tiny house bathroom will be very limited in space, so you can choose small bathtub. If you think that having bathtub is not possible, the shower is enough for you.


If you want to have cool tiny house bathroom, you also need to provide the adequate cabinet in there. Choose the best cabinet like under the vanity, so you can put many things there such as dry towels and toiletries.


Beside storage, you also need to have a cool mirror. It will be very beneficial for both decoration and function. The unframed mirror gives look of simple and modern. Meanwhile, framed mirror could give other different feel and look depends on the mirror frame style itself. Use larger mirror to give feeling of larger in the bathroom.

Towel railing

Having towel railing in the bathroom is also needed. It will be beneficial to add value and look of bathroom as well as used as place to hang a wet towel. You can choose metal o wooden railing.

Living In A Tiny House Trailer Design Tips

An array of tiny house designs can be browsed to find best one. It should meet all your needs with taste of style and budget ability. Are you in love with adventurous lifestyle? Then living in a tiny house trailer design is the way for you. You can decide whether buying the trailer house in a new or used condition. There are several things to consider since each has pros and cons. What does really matter is about a great investment. Your convenience and comfort decide the choice.

tiny house trailer design

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Tiny House Trailer NzSize: 800 x 600

Tiny House Trailer UkSize: 800 x 600

Could you live in a tiny house? This is the very first question before making a fixed decision. There are plans to browse and learn. It is an effort of finding and applying the best design. Free of charge or with cost, the internet provides. This article gives you some references about living in a tiny house trailer.

Tiny House Trailer Design Considerations

Downsizing should be more than just following a trend. Consider the pros and cons of living in a tiny house. If the benefits are more to get, then it is great. You need to take some important things. The structure, the usage, the size and the cost are elemental.

Is it temporary or permanent? Let your lifestyle to decide it. However, factors such as local zoning laws, land use codes and taxes are considerable too.

Is it as primary residence or vacation site? The usage of the tiny house trailer design should meet local regulations and laws.

Size really matters. Larger trailer houses require more cost to spend for the designing and maintenance. Keep minimalist as the basic idea of living in a tiny trailer house. Storage solutions such as furniture with storage will help you. Multi-purpose furniture designs are innovative and creative. Make them worthy of the investment.

Tiny House Trailer Design for Sale

At Tumbleweed, there are brand new trailers for sale. Options and prices are varying. Length, utility and low-rider have their own prices. Depending on your needs and budget, choices are many.

You better ask yourself about the quality of life by living in a trailer house. Especially if you are taking your family with you, there are more things to consider. Make a discussion with other family members about every detail regarding your tiny house trailer. It might be a tight discussion but you will enjoy fascinating journey with it in the near future.

Don’t leave this article soon, you better stay here and find out more ideas in our photo gallery. We have ton ideas you can’t ignore.

How To Build And Design Your Own Tiny House

Tiny homes are gaining popularity. Small spaces allow small budget. There are pros and cons of living in a tiny house design. Stationary or on wheels, you can be sure of living more efficiently in energy and budget. In how to live in limited space, many considerations should be taken into account. To perfectly follow your taste of style and requirements, floor plans are needed here. Aesthetic, functional and practical room spaces do really matter in determining the quality design your own tiny house.

Building and living in a tiny house does really appeal most people in the whole world. The young and old are opting for more freedom and surely affordable ownership of home. How much does it cost to build a tiny house? This most common question is yours to manage. Your lifestyle decides what to pour into the interior designs but it is better to hold up all your desires. Making sure of the most important things is indeed a key to successful living.

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Design Your Own Tiny House Small Portable on Skids

A life time guarantee is offered by the skids. The right manufacturer of portable buildings can be searched on page one of Google. The good quality has impeccable, strong structure and built like a million dollar house. Each building has different size, shape and features. Pick the size that can accommodate all people who are about to live in it.

The highest quality that claimed by the companies is to seek for. This is meant to make sure that what you buy is worthy. In the effort to achieve it, just do your research and take your time in the making of decision. Do not be included into people who can easily be sold. You should take the design of tiny house an investment that serious.

Design Your Own Tiny House Tips

The light colors with natural lights from large windows, creative hidden storage ideas and personality pouring are must haves. You can take your time selecting the best of multi-purpose furniture designs. Maximizing the available for the convenience and comfort is a worthy investment.

Larger windows allow not only natural lights but creating a view and fresh atmosphere. Installing artificial lights will not be too much needed at all. This will help you saving budget.

In Conclusion

Spending the reasonable budget is the real way to live in a tiny house. If adventure is what you after, then tiny house design on wheels is the one. It is portable to allow you getting the best spot to have where the residence laid. Planning is everything to make sure of having the perfect design of a tiny house.

Simple Life With Tiny House On Wheels Designs

Simplifying life can be simple. Downsizing your living area is a very popular trend today. There are many benefits to live in a tiny house. One of the most exciting ideas is to live free of mortgage and any excessive lifestyle. Stationary or mobile, living tiny can increase quality of life. If you are so into adventures, then living mobile is a very interesting way. Tiny house on wheels designs offer many more excitements. Sizes do matter in determining the quality of life. There are more to learn about living mobile though.

tiny house on wheels designs

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Tiny houses on wheels are constructed of standard materials. The trailers’ frames become the construction to build and secure the house. Just like a travel trailer, you can pull it behind a vehicle. This is exactly why makes it called mobile home.

Tiny House on Wheels Designs – More Reviews

65-140 sq ft is the approximate size of small houses. There is no permit required at all in the building and designing of houses on wheels. Indeed, you should follow the guidelines size limitations by the Department of Transportation. Drive your home and park it anywhere you can. This makes the house a recreational vehicle with full practicality.

To become a primary residence, office space, spare room or anything, tiny house on wheels designs will be what you want. If it is as a secondary building, placing it in backyard is nice. Increasing your outdoor home value can be a lot of fun.

Self-contained tiny houses on wheels with the systems of electrical and plumbing are best designs. Just like in stationary homes, you can get the accommodation in a tiny version for each. Convenience and comfort are important considerations. Make everything simple yet practical.

To perfectly suit your taste of style, needs and budget, there are used and new design options. Plans do really matter if you are building your own tiny house on wheels. There are free plans to learn on the internet.

If you are planning on buying a tiny house on wheels, Tumbleweed has the selections for you. Browse the site!

Tips To Decorate Tiny House Kitchen

Kitchen is the focal point in every house, no exceptionally tiny house. Tiny house is only a house with no more tha 400 or 500 square feet, but everyone can build kitchen, bathroom, and also bedroom there like in a standard house. You also can build your own tiny house kitchen for your lovely tiny house, it is very possible even when you only have 120 square feet tiny house.

In a beautiful tiny house kitchen we can spend time together with loved ones for cooking and for doing other interesting things such as breakfast and meal. Tiny house kitchen is built like other standard kitchen, it should accommodate the needs of its users. However, there are many things you should to maximize its use. Here we are going to give you some tips to design and decorate tiny house kitchen.

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Tiny House Kitchen.jpgSize: 2048 x 1368


Tiny House Kitchen Layout

The first of all you should think as well as possible is about the layout. The best kitchen has good layout adjusted into the space size, and also space shape. You may choose the galley kitchen layout, l shaped kitchen layout, or the u shaped kitchen layout. For the tiny house, the important key is that you must make it sleek and simple with appropriate layout that provides adequate walking and moving space. Make the layout in a piece of paper, with its scale measurement.

Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop

After defining the layout of your tiny house kitchen, now your task is choosing the right kitchen cabinet and countertop. It is very important because cabinet and countertop themselves are the focal point in the kitchen. Choose the cabinet and countertop that fits to your layout. The material, style and color becomes other points you should think about. For tiny house, cabinet is usually built higher than wider. It is aimed to use effectively the upper side for both storage and display.


You need to have the adequate storage for your tiny house. There are some ways you can consider if you want to have a neat storage in the kitchen. You may choose the hidden storage or pantry near the refrigerator, with many drawers and shelves. You also can utilize the cabinet doors to be the place of additional storage.

Keep it Neat

You should always keep your kitchen neat. You can put some dirty things under the countertop, and things like garbage can in the hidden place. This could help you to make the kitchen look neat as always. Put decorative things in the upper part. Keeping your tiny house kitchen looks neat as always is the key of getting best kitchen there.

How To Choose Tiny House Appliances Properly

Decorating tiny house would be both exciting and exhausting. The tiny house concept is very different with other standard house decor. The tiny house, as its name, is very small and has very limited space. So you need to find the best way in decorating it from interior, exterior, and also choosing the right furniture. If you want to have the best tiny house look, you should think so well about the interior design, furniture, and also appliances. What are the most essential tiny house appliances you should have in the tiny house? Here we are going to discuss about it, and we hope can give you some inspiration.



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Tiny House BedroomSize: 818 x 546

Tiny House KitchenSize: 1060 x 595

Tiny House Living RoomSize: 2000 x 1343

Kitchen is the high traffic area in almost home. There are various activities done in the kitchen, such as preparing food until having dinner together. Is that possible to do in a tiny house? Of course yes! The tiny house, although it has no more than 500 square feet, but it can accommodate every need of you from bedroom to kitchen. You can decorate your kitchen with countertop, kitchen cabinet, and even the microwave and refrigerator. The key is choosing the appropriate size, and then decide the right placement for each. You can see the photo example above for idea.

Living Room


Living room is one of the biggest concern that people think about in every house, unexceptionally in a tiny house. The tiny space does not bother people to have such a cute living space to sit down, relax with a cup of coffee, while enjoying the beautiful outdoor look in your leisure time. You need to carefully decide and consider the best living room design by choosing the right tiny house appliances to place there. My favorite is the folding table. It can be folded to the wall when it is unused, so it can help you to saving time. The sofa with storage beneath will be the focal point there. You also need to find the best way for storage solution in this room.



In every tiny house, loft bedroom could be the best idea. Because there is no more spaces to use to be a bedroom, you can make your home higher, and then build the loft in it. Use the loft as the place to put bed, some drawers, and probably the desk. Who says that living in a loft bedroom is not quite good, you should try because it would be very pleasing. Do not bring to much stuffs or appliances to your tiny house bedroom, or this place would be so stuffy and crowded.

How To Build A Tiny House For Cheap

One of the biggest concerns many people think about when they want to build a tiny house is its budget. They think so hard about how to build a tiny house for cheap. There is almost no way to solve this problem, because building a tiny house could be so expensive even can reach up to $80.000 only for building a tiny one. Will you pay for it? If you have only limited amount of budget, and it is not possible to spend that so much money for a tiny house. Although there is almost no way how to minimize the cost, but the idea below you should try. We hope it can help you.


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Tiny House SaleSize: 1580 x 1068

Tiny House Build CheapSize: 800 x 534

Tiny House Cheap IdeasSize: 800 x 600

Tiny House For CheapSize: 800 x 534

Tiny House Plans CheapSize: 800 x 597

Minimizing the cost is your obligation if you have the major problem with budget to build a tiny house. Spending money around $30.000 for a tiny house is very reasonable, and it is the average price for it. However, is that possible to build a tiny house only under $10.000? And the answer is very possible. Here are the things you need to consider about how to build a tiny house for cheap

Diy tiny house: if you want to save more money, it is a good idea to build it by yourself. Diy tiny house will be so helpful because you do not need to spend money to pay other people. If you have time, capability and also partner that can help you, build a tiny house by yourself even will be very cheap.

Reuse and recycle material: purchasing material could require big budget, but it will never happen if you use any reuse and recycle you have around you. You can browse your barn, maybe you find log or woods, or remained tile to construct your super tiny house.

Plant your own trees: if you have a tree, you can use the wood to construct your tiny house. Of course this will be very effective to answer your question about how to build a tiny house for cheap. By having your own wood, it means you does not need to purchase any wood to build a tiny house.

Do not build it on the trailer: if you have very limited budget to build tiny house, do not build it on the trailer. It can save your money from $3000 to $5000. So consider well whether you want to build it on the trailer or not.

Tiny house kit: if you also want to have a simple cheap cost to build tiny house, you can purchase tiny house kit. It would be lots cheaper than you build a contractor-built tiny house.

Tips To Find Best Tiny House Furniture

Are you going to build a cool tiny house? If you want to build a tiny house, you should make a plan at first. What are the plan include? The plan will include many preparations and considerations including making the floor plan, going shopping to purchase material and tiny house furniture, and the decorating its interior.

If you dream to have the best tiny house, so you need to start thinking for getting the best tiny house design furniture. Although it is built in a very limited space, you can still have some very cool furniture inside you put in living room, kitchen and also bathroom. Here are few things you should know before you go shop to buy the tiny house furniture.

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Tiny House Furniture.jpgSize: 1580 x 1053

How to Make the Most Out of Tiny House Furniture


Determine The Style

First of all you should do when you are going to purchase tiny house furniture is selecting the style and theme of the house. In the market, there are various different themes and styles of furniture for tiny house including modern style, shabby chic style, rustic style, steampunk style, transitional style and many more. Make sure that you have determined your own style before you go shop. So, make the plan at first before you go to the market.

Visit Only the Reliable Store

The best furniture is available only in the best store. Or if you only want to purchase the low quality tiny house furniture. You can get the best quality furniture with best look in some places such as ikea, target or store that specialty sells furniture for tiny house. If you find the best store it means you can get best price deal and shipping. Remember that for durable furniture, you should find the good quality one.

Check the Material

Before you deal to purchase the furniture, now your task is to check the material. You need to choose the best material for your tiny house made of wood or fabric that will be durable and strong. Check the material and its quality, make sure that it fits your requirement. The material might be hardwood, manufactured wood, solid wood, metal, fabric, glass, and many more.

Check the Construction

Beside checking the material, before you go shop you also should make sure to check the furniture construction. Make sure that the nails are installed well. Everything is installed well and appropriately for safety and comfort. Checking it entirely will help you getting the good product for your tiny house.

Best Tiny House Interior Design Improvement Tips

In the effort to make your tiny house looks awesome in the neighborhood, improvement project is the way. To impress every eye that passes your tiny house property, polishing the exterior is the first move. You cannot only improve your interior since exterior is also important. In this article, tiny house interior design is more featured than the exterior. There are several elements to take into account of considerations.

tiny house interior design

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Space saving for the efficiency is the main purpose of having tiny house interior improvement design ideas. Learn well in how to make sure of getting best values. Here they are;

How to Maximize Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

Planning means everything. You have to ensure of including all elements for the most out of tiny house space maximization. Once done, let your feel to decide.

Determine the room size! Light colors are always strongly recommended to make spacious impression. Mirrors will help to maximize the open and airy atmosphere. The correct options and position are indeed really matter.

To save your budget, it is unwise focusing on tiles and flooring. They tend to be at a large expensive unless you can afford them. Focus on the frames of doors and windows. The preferred color of yours should be represented to give delightful look and feel. It is your tiny house anyway.

Furniture designs with multi-purpose quality are always wonderful. They feature different values to give what you need in a time. Modern contemporary furniture designs are with storage. You can be sure of having best pieces to boost the coziness and comfort in the room.

Overdoing colors on the walls is to be avoided. If you or someone in your family a claustrophobic, it is a bad thing. Light colors such as white, pastel green, pale yellow and beige are wonderful options.

To add some creativity into design appearance, displaying ornaments can be the way. On floating shelves, place some planters to give fresh look. In case for mobile tiny homes, make sure of steady containers on the shelves.

Sophisticated and comfortable tiny house interior design is what every home owner wants. To live in tiny house, space saving is the key which supported by the proper plan.

Amazing Tiny House Modern Design Features And Benefits

Tiny house modern design has been increasing people’s interest to downsize their living space. One of the most popular designs is prefabricated home. It is built in large pieces by factory which later transported to the buyer’s land. Assembling on site is simple and fast to instantly place the construction house. There are many benefits of living in tiny houses including in prefab homes. Design ideas are many which decided by your own.

tiny house modern design

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Tiny House Modern DesignSize: 1024 x 711

Modern Tiny Prefab HouseSize: 1024 x 724

This post is showing you what you can get from downsizing living area. From simple to custom, stationary or on wheels, modern tiny house design is for granted to increase efficiency in space and budget.

Tiny House Modern Design Prefab

modern tiny prefab house

Why selecting prefabricated tiny house? There are many reasonable answers to the question. Here are the most out of them.

  • Speedy construction

Compared to a custom built-home, tiny prefab home is much faster. Just within 2 months, the home is ready for you to stay in. This means saving time with hassle-free. Tiny house prefab modern design is surely an ideal option to live with efficiency.

  • Better Insulation

Compared to traditional homes, prefab walls are with better insulation as they are built in factory.

  • Protection from Bugs

Better protection from bugs is another benefit although built in fast time.

Other benefits of choosing tiny house modern design prefab are money saver, environment- friendly and personalization. Better equipped to handle natural disasters makes the construction ideal.

Custom Tiny House Modern Design

custom modern tiny house

Yes, you are free to pour personalization into your building house. Every square inch can be decided to meet your taste of style, requirement and budget.

What you would like to pour really? Tiny house design plans will help you in getting best ways to decide your own. Energy efficiency is what you determine to make the much better home and living space. Exterior and interior can give all best possible convenience and comfort. Learn from pictures to get some references.

Tiny House Modern Design Storage

modern tiny house storage

One of the biggest problems in tiny houses is a dearth of ample space. However, innovative and creative storage ideas will cope with it. Space saving and compromising style techniques are applicable.

Most common storage ideas are by maximizing furnishings such as sleeper sofas, convertible tables, stair designs and more. Innovative appliances are effective in revolutionizing existing spaces. Hidden storage is strongly recommended to de-clutter and beautify the room spaces minimally.

Tiny house plans hold the key to the successful build and design. Just ensure that you can live conveniently and comfortably.