Tiny House Designs

I love a beautiful tiny house designs, where we can live so well there.

How about you? You should try it, and feel how living in a beautiful tiny house can give you different experience.

We hope the post here can give you some information that will be very beneficial for you.

It is a fact that tiny house numbers in America increases year by year. It is also mentioned not only popular in America, but also around the world. What do you think to realize it? Is that possible to make it cool even when it is built only in the area no more than 500 square feet?

Of course it is, it will be very possible. You need to read what things are prominent you should know about how to realize it.

Tiny House Idea
Tiny house is build either by yourself (diy tiny house) or by professional (contractor’s-built tiny house). But no matter you build it by yourself, or you hire other people to do this for you, you need to know many things and consider it so well.

The first is about size: don’t you know that the size of tiny house is no more than 500 square feet or around 46m2? If you have a house no more than 500 square feet, it is called as a tiny house. But when it is larger, it is categorized as the small house.

The second is about cost: have you recognized exactly about the cost to build tiny house? There is actually no exact cost how much money should be paid to build tiny house. Based on the average number, it is estimated around $20.000. It means that if you want to have a tiny house, at least you should prepare money around $20.000.

The third is diy or contractor: you need to consider whether you want to have your own diy tiny house you build by yourself, it will be relatively cheaper in cost than other constructor-built tiny house. However, think also about plus and minus for each possibility.

The forth is on trailer or not. Consider so well whether you want to build the tiny house on wheel or not. Each possibility will be different in price as the result.
When building a tiny house, you also need to think as well as possible for the tiny house interior you are going to apply. Why it becomes so important? As we all know that interior becomes the emergence thing which help you getting such different feeling when you stay in the room. Get the best design of interior appealing, but consider these principles if you want to have best tiny house interior:

Concern more on storage. You realize that you only have the very limited amount of spaces in your house, so you need to make sure that it has sufficient spaces to keep many things such as clothes, kids toys, your shoes, etc. You can add the more shelves, storage under stair, and many more.
Concern on the windows. You should have windows anywhere, in the loft, next to the door, in the bathroom, and in anywhere. The sufficient window would be very helpful to make your tiny house looks larger and more spacious. Choose glass window with blind.

Everything is sliding. Choose the sliding doors anywhere, it will be very helpful to save spaces when it is opened.

Loft anywhere. Utilizing the loft to be bedroom or closet will be another excellent way to live well in a tiny house.

Choose bright color for the entire parts of home, including furniture, wall, floor, and also roof. This can help you getting spacious feeling at home.
Do not forget to add best lighting. Make sure your home has adequate lighting both natural and artificial. You should select led lighting.
Utilize every spaces to be hidden storage.

Do not forget to add some beautiful pieces such as photo frame, artificial plants, decorative wall clocks, and many more.


Beside choosing the best exterior part, you also should stick yourself getting the best exterior appearance. Make sure that you decide the best exterior to make your home looks beautiful and gorgeous. Choose the best paint for exterior. Windows and doors style are also very essential which can make your tiny house looks very attractive. You can choose prefabricated door or window, or other style you want. You also can make a tiny porch, as the place to welcome everyone who see the house. If you have immobile tiny house, you can build larger porch to give feel of spacious and back to nature. This place can accommodate many people to spend time together very pleasing,

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