Mobile Tiny House

Downsizing your home means a lot of benefits to gain. However, the ideas are not merely about efficiency. There are more about it to learn and plan. Stationary and mobile, the tiny house movement has become a trend in modern lifestyle. Free of mortgage and sense of adventure are two of most exciting ideas. Mobile tiny house has the more adventurous elements rather than stationary. RVs and trailers are the mobile tiny houses.


If you cannot obtain a mortgage, then living in a tiny house mobile is a way out. A travel trailer is a good start. Assuming you already have it, there are a few steps to follow.
How to Homestead in Mobile Tiny House

From $1000 to $5000, you can get a few acres of land (junk land). In comparison to other properties, you are for sure in getting it at much cheaper prices. How to get the information? Check for some news by accessing sites such as eBay, Craigslist or local tabloids or newspapers. It is not strongly a recommendation to buy a land in a floodplain. You better to examine about any easements for access of mineral and logging rights. You will want to assure about no outstanding claims from indigenous/native.

A used travel trailer is a great option to spend less cost. During off-season, there is always a serviceable one for under $5000. Just negotiate with a dealer or owner to have the trailer towed to your site.

Clear the land! Choosing the perfect site for the trailer is a must. This is to make sure of your safety and comfort. Poor soil, poor drainage and stagnant air are what to avoid.

To block wind and cold, just a trench! It is usable to back the trailer down into it. This is meant so that the door is at ground level and the wheels are below ground level. However, you may want to check for the drainage especially when it snows or rains.
Mobile Tiny House – Additional Tips
Apply the better insulation onto walls, doors, windows, floor and ceiling! Tubular vessels and pipes are also recommendation for insulation. For the exterior wall, painting using the new ceramic insulating paints is a rule of thumb.

So that to capture heat from the winter sun and direct it into the trailer, a plastic greenhouse and home-built wood/PVC are attachable to the south-side of the trailer. It is inexpensive piece which also includes the advanced winterizing ideas.

A shade house is nice to erect using wire or wooden trellis structure. It should be attachable to the trailer’s north side. There are several great benefits to gain. To produce food supply, adding beauty and as shade, the climbing vines are great addition.

If the condition of the soil around your mobile tiny house is poor, then improve it. Fresher and healthier atmosphere will make the better value. Grow plants in containers with mulch. You can plant and consume fruits and vegetables by yourself.

In rural areas, you better to have rainwater catchment strategies. Driven-point well technique is a popular way to do it yourself. Or, you can also pay for water delivery services.

Washing clothes using a washboard is simple to do it yourself. A Yukon Plunger is usable to help you in keeping your clothes clean.
What to Think when Buying a Used Mobile Tiny House
In how to do it right, buying a used mobile home should watch out for several things. Hopefully, these will lead you to get the best piece. They are;

Rent Control
Mobile Home Values
Health and Safety

The Health and Safety include some alarms, water heater, steps, cooling systems, the furnace, plumbing, electrical, roof and earthquake bracing.
How to Make Energy Efficient Mobile Tiny House

Saving environment is everyone’s duty. It is also a way to help your wallet. It is for sure to become an excellent investment. This sub-heading is telling you in how to make your mobile tiny house an energy efficient dwelling.

Revamping Windows
Replace Old Appliances
Use Appliances Efficiently
Keep Water Heater Warm
Use Fluorescent
Add Solar Panels
Plant a Tree

How to Decorate Mobile Tiny House Tips

Designing and decorating tiny spaces including mobile houses mean efficiency. There are several steps to follow for the aiming of best result.

You should evaluate the space availability. How much is it? The sketch out a design, determine the focal point arrange the items and add final touch.

Double duty furniture designs are always recommendation. Couches and daybeds may fold out to bets suit every need. Storage space is indeed a must to reduce clutter.

The amount of lighting matters. How much is it? Cozy or dark, the atmosphere is yours to adjust. Planning will always determine the result, so you better to draw, measure or transfer to graph paper. Each item should take place properly and strategically.

Color and style of focal point should not overwhelm the space. It will create cluttered feel. Arranging all items to the actual space is a challenge. Creative and innovative storage ideas are needed.

Mobile tiny house can be a great space for living area. If you design and decorate it well, your lifestyle is accommodated.

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