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Easy Holiday Crafts You Can Make At Home

Holiday is coming soon, horay! People will love spending time in holiday while doing many interesting things such as swimming, fishing, gathering, and also playing game. We can spend time in holiday for various interesting things together with family. Prepare our holiday by making some cute interesting crafts to decor our house easily and literally cute.


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Easy Holiday CraftsSize: 648 x 486

A super cute holiday craft can add happiness and joy in house around family. When you really feel bored with the usual home decor, you can add another touch to your house which makes it awesome and sweet. The holiday craft also can be a cool gift you can present for your kids in holiday.

You can make many types of easy holiday craft for kids, it will be literally cute and decorative for house. You can make many types of cute stuffs such as.

  1. Stoking
  2. Cute gloves
  3. Cute colorful shocks
  4. Beautiful wall decor
  5. Sweet family photo album
  6. Beautiful hair tie
  7. Cute television cover
  8. Cute notebook for kids
  9. Cute bedroom decor
  10. And many more

You can make many types of homemade craft for holidays. Spend your spare time to do it yourself. For the more ideas and tutorial, i have a good video you need to see below. Good luck.

3 Ways Styling Home With Fabric

You should turn your home into a home sweet home. A decorative home will be the best place for everyone to stay and take a rest after a very hectic days. Style your home as well as possible with many interesting things such as wall decor, good furniture choice, good wall color, good floor and ceiling. Beside, you also do not forget other one major thing in every house, fabric material.


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Styling Home With FabricSize: 1600 x 800

Yes, beside brick, stone, wood, glass and metal, fabric is another important material people should have at home. Fabric is not choice for construction, it is mostly for decoration. Styling home with fabric is a fascinating way to add value of our home. Beside, it is a simple way to bring playful and homey look to our home.

Styling home with fabric can be done with these ways.

Fabric Sofa

Yes, sofa or couch is a important way to decor living room, bedroom, and other rooms at home to look fascinating. Sofa made of fabric with cute pattern and beautiful colors will be very effective to make the rooms looks attractive. Fabric sofa with pillow or couch is nice. It is available in market in various patterns and accent such as stripped accent, floral accent, and even assymmetrical accent. Choose only smooth fabric for sofa. So, both kids and pets will be comfortable to stay and even sleep in sofa for long time.

Bed and Comforter

Bed and comforter are important things in the bedroom. You need to choose the right bed and comforter to add value as well into your bedroom. There are variety of designs and accent for bed and comforter set to find in the market. If you want to set a particular feeling into your bedroom, you need to choose such the right bed and comforter set with right pattern and color as well. Just like fabric sofa, choose bed and comforter set made of good quality fabric to keep you feel comfortable while sleeping.

Curtain and Rug

Another important fabric material at home is curtain and rug. Those parts are typically used for decoration and enhancement. You need to choose the right curtain and rug if you want to have a super fascinating house. Curtain is good for privacy and decoration. Meanwhile rug is important for safety, cleanliness and decoration as well.

Modern House Style For Elegance

Having the best house will be something really pleasing everyone can enjoy. The style and theme of house finally can impact to the comfort and people’s feeling when they are at home. Modern style can be a good choice due to the need of people looking modern and following the technology development. When it comes choosing the house style, modern house can lead you to the sophistication and beauty.


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Modern HouseSize: 1000 x 666

Modern House StylesSize: 780 x 600

So when you really want to have a house with modern style, here are some ideas and features you need to consider.

First of all, you need to be careful in choosing the material and structure of your home. There are many different types of material you can choose to build a modern house such as glass, wood, metal, engineered wood, solid wood, rubber, and many others. Modern house uses mostly manufactured wood and glass for its construction.

The second thing you should keep in mind so well when you want to build a cool modern house is by choosing the right paint color for the house. You should find the color that brings effect of calming and sophisticated. You can try grey, white, and cream. Those are basic colors for your modern house. Then, do combination by giving accent and adding some playful colors to give harmony, and for enhancement. Pallet colors and monochromatic colors are cool.

Kitchen is the hearth of your home, modern house choose kitchen with sleek look with mostly metal material for its appliances. It must have a bar, sometime kitchen island. Choose the right layout for your kitchen as well as possible.

The forth, to decorate your modern house incredible, you need to Design your living space to be open, with as much natural light as possible. Consider to use the more windows and fewer walls, so it feels open and it can allow the more natural light to flow into your open space living room.

For every modern house, function is priority. Choose furniture and layout which are not only aesthetic, but also functional.

Figure out where you can get many types of modern furniture for your house. Perhaps you want to have formal dining room, make sure you pick the furniture from the right place.

Creating the more storage is another very important key in modern house. You need to add the more storage to make your tiny house appears neat and comfortable.

Teal Blue Wall Color – Beauty And Perfection

Wall color will be very important to set feeling and atmosphere. Wall color will display something, it can be either dramatic or less. It can be either distressed or cheerful. When it comes confusing to select the wall color for your lovely home, you can ask yourself and define what’s your  favorite color. Do you love white? Or do you love pink? It depends on your personality. Now, you can determine firstly about the style of room you want to have. For modern room, it will be very cool with monochromatic color. It can be concluded that color also will contribute to set a style and room atmosphere.


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Teal Blue Wall ColorSize: 640 x 427

Teal Blue Wall ClockSize: 800 x 533

Teal Blue Wall ColorsSize: 600 x 600

Teal Blue Wall DecalsSize: 800 x 550

Teal Blue Wall DecorSize: 800 x 572

Teal Blue Wall PaintSize: 800 x 557

Teal Blue Wall TilesSize: 800 x 600

Teal Blue WallSize: 800 x 564

Teal Blue WallpaperSize: 800 x 533

Teal Colored Wall ArtSize: 800 x 533

Teal Blue Accent WallSize: 800 x 533

Beauty of Teal Blue Wall

You can select either your favorite color or modern color to apply. Teal blue is one of my favorite color, and you know that it appears very cool yet stylish to have this type of color applied to your wall. According to the popular psychology, blue will impact as the gentle stimulating and calming effect to our brains. For more creativity and productivity, blue wall color is the perfect option because it stimulates you brain perfectly.

Otherwise, blue is selected as the great option for some crucial rooms like bedroom, workplace, living room and dining room. Blue is the great choice for relaxation, solitude, and soulful area. This color is pretty cool to apply in rooms such as bedroom, spa room, yoga room, and also in living room. When you need to bring relaxing feeling in the room, teal blue can work best.

You also can mix the blue with other popular color. Teal blue itself is different with other standard blue, but it looks so fresh and calming.White and light grey are best friend of teal blue. So if you want to combine it, those color options are great. You also can make accent with this charming color. Striped wall accent is the most popular. You can try it for your lovely home. Here are their photos to see, we have compiled it for you from some best sources.

I love teal blue very much. This wall color is very eye-pleasing, and hearth-pleasing as well. Do you also love teal blue? Or maybe mint? Or perhaps serenity? You can choose those color schemes to add playful appealing to your house entirely and it will be pretty cool. Thank you for reading.


Multipurpose Furniture For Small House

These days, the trend of multipurpose furniture also increases among people. People want to build a house and decorate its inside as well as possible. People want to beautify the house with super cool furniture. These days, people also choose Multipurpose furniture in order to minimise the more use of spaces in the house. Multipurpose furniture is a good choice because it does not eat too much spaces in your house.


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Multipurpose FurnitureSize: 1200 x 781

If you want to know about Multipurpose furniture, you need to know and read more about the ideas right here, perhaps you want to use this type of furniture in your house.

You can consider to choose futon. This type of furniture will be really good because you can turn it easily into a bed and into a sofa whenever you want. Futon is really popular these days. It can both give you the Multipurpose, and mostly it comes in wide variety of choices based on color and styles. Those styles are very beautiful.

There are many types of Multipurpose furniture you can find in the market. However, those are usually found in a busy city. People live in an apartment or small house, and they do not have enough space to keep all their goods well. So, the greatest alternative is by having any Multipurpose furniture which can be turned into many functional things.

Multipurpose furniture has become the solution for the problem of people living in a small space, including apartment. You can buy a 2-in-1 items like a futon or Daybed with Trundles. Daybeds will also feature a trundle to expand sleeping capacity, and now you can find many daybed made of metal spring so you can turn it into a mattress.

How about the bookshelves? There are also Bookshelves. Yo can urn it over and you have a bed headboard. Cabinet-like stacked chairs. It will be really fascinating for your own room.

There are still many types of Multipurpose furniture you can choose for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and also living room. Just find a good place where you want to shop it.

Things To Know When You Buy Hardwood Flooring

Every people want to have the best home with its best flooring. They do several ways to achieve it, but focus on having best and platinum structured item at first before you start thinking about furnishing and accessories. Flooring is one of the most fundamental thing of any building both residential and commercial. Within best flooring everyone can step up very comfortably. From so many best flooring options, hardwood flooring is considered as the greatest flooring you can consider to have.


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Hardwood FlooringSize: 1536 x 1152

Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Hardwood flooring will give you some benefits, among others;

It serves beauty and dramatic appealing. You also realize that there is nothing more beautiful than this awesome lighting option.

It will be very durable. You know that this will be very strong and durable, for many years use even noticed more than 30 years. It depends on your maintenance. For maintenance, you should regularly cloth it, repaint it, and sand it when necessary.

It will be highly comfortable. You can step up everyday without being slippery. Of course it can minimize danger and accident in your home.

The hardwood flooring also will fit to any style of home. Fortunately it will be timeless and endless, which is meant it is great as always to any style of home you have selected. This will never go out of style

However, important also to know that this will be harder to install. You need to hire professional to install this type of flooring for your home. Unless you will get something finicky if you have no experience and you want to install it by yourself. Prepare more budget to pay the professional, the hardwood flooring itself is far more expensive than other type of flooring.

Unlike laminate flooring, this will cost around $5 per square foot, according to the store and area where you purchase it. Anyway, the price is equal with its beauty as well as its functionality. It enables you to perfectly get beautiful home as a shelter.

This look is genuine and dramatic, so what are you waiting for? If you have more budget, this flooring option is very recommended. You can find different hardwood flooring type in the market such as the solid wood and engineered wood. With those variation, you must carefully know about each characteristic. Choose the right one, so you will get most awesome home ever with best flooring.


How To Bring Best Rustic Decor To Home

Adding a rustic appealing to your home will be a very good idea. rustic home style add warmth and beauty to everyone who see it. this will be an elegant yet eye-pleasing appealing which gives value to your home really significantly. rustic decor is one of my favorite. so, what you need to do to liven up rustic decor to your home? is it possible to blend modern urban home design with rustic decor? those questions will be easily to be answered, but first of all you need to notice carefully about rustic decor characteristics.


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Rustic Home DecorSize: 1024 x 683

Rustic Interior WallsSize: 800 x 450

Rustic Interior Wall

Adding rustic decor to your modern home will be a nice way to increase its value. So, to make a cool rustic decor, firstly you need to check its wall. Rustic decor ideas should have a very cool rustic decor with hardwood floor, brick wall or stone wall. In some cases, we find log wall for the rustic home and it appears old-fashioned yet luxurious to be very eye-pleasing and breath-taking. You will love the rustic wall interior like what you can see in the photos below.

Rustic Interior Floor

Floor becomes another important structural item in every house. To bring thick feeling of rustic interior style, you must evaluate and think as well for its flooring. Rustic home flooring will appear gorgeous with hardwood or stone flooring. it appears authentic and decorative, that gives you feel of traditional yet luxury.

Rustic Furniture

Furniture is focal point in every room including in your rustic room. To have a perfect rustic appealing, role furniture as fundamental thing inside by smartly select best rustic furniture. as the example, for your living room it will be very cool with fabric sofa and trunk coffee table. wooden bench will be good for dining room, and every furniture must be made of wood with traditional feel. for bedroom, oak or teak bedroom furniture will be cool to enhance rustic style. as you can see in the photos below.

Rustic Lighting

Do not forget about this one, lighting! Your home is nothing without lighting. Select best lighting option which match to your rustic appealing. It will be very cool with jar or bottle lamp you hang in different height like the photo below. In the market you also can find easily myriad options of pendant lighting or chandelier in rustic style.


Stunning Contemporary Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you love cooking? If the answer is yes, kitchen will be your most favorite place. This will be a very interesting place where you spend time for cooking, preparing foods, and trying a new food recipe. You should turn your small kitchen to appear contemporary and stunning. To realize it will be easy anyway. People consider to hire professional and then pay them to decorate the kitchen entirely. Some consider to do it themselves. To save budget, you can consider to do it by yourself. A diy small kitchen design save some bucks so you can use it for any other important pieces for home.


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How to Realize Contemporary Small Kitchen Design?

So how to decorate small kitchen for contemporary style? Right here are some easy answers.

Wall Color

First of all, you can start by thinking about the wall color. We all realize that wall color becomes first important thing which determine style, and set everyone’s mood. For the need of small contemporary kitchen design, you can stick yourself for having light plain wall color. How about white? This is timeless and dramatic. Something fresh with turquoise or teal blue will also awesome. Orange or yellow will be the other popular wall color for small contemporary kitchen.


After deciding the most appropriate wall color, backsplash will be the next to be considered. Kitchen cabinet selection will be according to the kitchen layout you’ve made. This will be cool with galley kitchen, so you select kitchen cabinet for galley kitchen. The cabinet should be vertically longer than its horiontal. So it is great to save space. Its color also should be matched with the wall color and any other existed furniture.


Then, let’s go to the backsplash and countertop. Backsplash and countertop can be made of the same material. Tiling a countertop seems to be a very good option. It might be with ceramic, metal, natural stone countertop or granite. The tiling granite or countertop gives texture and accent to kitchen. It will be interesting to make kitchen stay cool as always.


Do not forget about lighting. The need of lighting in every kitchen is very very important. It can be placed over island with pendant lighting as the example, or beneath the cabinet. Lighting over the sink becomes another thing you should carefully think.

Moreover, to realize your best contemporary small kitchen design, will depend on your creativity and taste. Please give comment if you like this post.


Beautiful Master Bedroom Design To Comfy You

I love writing this post, now we are talking about master bedroom. Yup, bedroom is my most favorite room at home. I spend days to take a rest in bedroom, while doing many interesting things, including me time. I read book in my bedroom, i do my project in my bedroom, sometime i also watch favorite dramas in bedroom. Of course I do many things in my bedroom.


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Master Bedroom DesignSize: 1440 x 862

How to Decorate Master Bedroom

When we are talking about bedroom, particularly master bedroom, the style will be important thing to consider. We should choose the best bedroom decor for it to make us, as its user, feel really comfortable inside. Here are for the more ideas i want to share with you to help you decorating master bedroom.

  1. You need to choose the right bedroom style. Master bedroom is the most important bedroom in our home. Its style will be particularly as the most important thing when you are decorating it. There are many popular styles you can take into account. Modern and contemporary style will be nice with its boldness. Rustic style also will be cool with something simple yet fascinating.
  2. The next thing you should consider is about wall color. I got the old stuffy and dark new bedroom at house. I saw that it was really terrifying. After all, i decided to change its color. I choose serenity wall color combined with mint. Yes, those are pallet colors, and they work best in my old dark room. With the light colors combined, my new bedroom looks lots better with those color combination.
  3. After calculating the color for your master bedroom, now it is the time for you choosing the best furniture. There are many different furniture you should have in your master bedroom such as headboard, nightstands, cabinet, and of course bedding itself. I choose queen size bed for my master bedroom. It is adequate for your master bedroom for the size of room. Combined with minimalist headboard, it works best.
  4. Lighting is another big thing you should consider so well when you are decorating master bedroom. Choose the good lighting that works best for the room. You can choose lighting over the bed, with ceiling light or flush mount light. Some people even choose chandelier for the master bedroom. They are cool to serve adequate lighting overall the bedroom.
  5. Do not forget to choose the right window treatment and curtain. You can combine sheer and curtain for more privacy. Choose good curtain style that fits to your bedroom theme.