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Removing Slats Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds – If you have odd sized windows or want to fit “high” faux wood blinds in a shorter window size, you can remove extra strips installed near the bottom of the blind. Many people avoid doing this if your windowsill is large enough to allow the bottom rail of the shade to rest in it. When it comes to windows with a narrow ledge, you will need to remove extra strips for the blind to create a more uniform and proper aspect.

Faux wood blinds fully extend beyond the blinds of the window and make sure they are in the closed position. Pop off the plastic plugs from the bottom rail of the blind and untie the knots of lift cord. Slide the bottom rail and blind put aside.

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Modern Faux Wood BlindsSize: 1600 x 1000

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Orlando Faux Wood BlindsSize: 1200 x 960

Determine how many need to be removed and pull the lift cords that go through the slats of the faux wood blinds slats of the blinds unnecessary. It removes the unneeded strips and slide into the bottom track on the rope ladder rang directly under the last board of the blind. Pass the cables drive through hole openings of the bottom rail and then through the plugs. Tie knots in the cords and open your blinds.

How To Paint Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are great and economical way to heat your home. They sit right at home and have a tube that goes right up the chimney. Most fireplace inserts are made of cast iron. The heat and time are not necessarily kind of cast iron wood stoves. Add a little paint to spruce up a bit.

The first instruction is paint your fireplace inserts in the spring after all the cool weather. Let your fireplace insert several months for the paint to cure before starting a fire again. Clean the fireplace insert very well with a cloth and warm water. Scrape rust or flaking patches with sandpaper and clean it.

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Cover all areas around the fireplace insert if it is too heavy to move out. Use pieces of cardboard to protect the actual fireplace and mantel. Cover all the furniture in the room with sheets, blankets or plastic. Cover the soil with a layer of plastic.

Hold the spray paint can 12-18-inch away from the stove. Work on a section of the fireplace inserts at a time and completely, but lightly coat with paint. Allow it dry. Apply at least one more coat of paint in the background and even coverage.

Polished Brass Single Handle Bathroom Faucets

Moen offers a different taps. However, most have similar parts made of the same types of materials. If you are wondering if these faucets are made of metal or plastic, the answer is yes and no. Each contains different parts made of different materials. Knowing what metal and what plastic is polished brass bathroom faucets single handle- Polished Brass Single Handle Bathroom Faucets important.


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The part polished brass single handle bathroom faucets that is most commonly seen is the faucet handle. This piece is made of metal in most faucets single handle bathroom, shower and kitchen. However, have a decorative cut. Some faucets bathtub with shower and the like have plastic handles that are much larger. Handles also have lids and caps covering up the screw on the handle, which are plastic.


Polished brass single handle bathroom faucets faucet shower has a molding accessory around the faucet base. This piece is polished chrome or nickel. The piece is made of metal and designed to take wear. In a base plate for the entire faucet, it is integral to the look of your faucet. It also prevents water from splashing on the walls of the shower. Usually this part is fixed by means of metal

Outdoor Water Fountains Ideas

Outdoor water fountains – Always consider the exterior of your home when decorating. Install a water outdoors to increase the visual appeal of your home and increase the value of your property. Gardens and balconies overlooking patios and decks, installing a wall fountain adds elegance and charm to your home. Commonly constructed from fiberglass, limestone or sandstone, wall fountains use less water than garden fountains, creating a feeling of peace rather than a spectacular display. They are installed directly against a target surface, hiding any unsightly equipment and cables inside the wall.

Consisting of a power source, pump, power cord, control panel and power, garden and outdoor water fountains are connected to an electrical outlet and are designed and built according to your specifications. Builders pour the concrete or cement into a mold, forcing the source form as dry materials and the creation of the garden fountain in the hotel.

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Environmentally friendly solar sources combine functionality and design for outdoor water fountains. Available in terracotta, copper, ceramic, resin and bronze, solar sources include solar panels and a remote control so you can adjust the flow of water from afar. Unlike embedded fonts, you can take it with you when you move to another house.

How To Dress Fireplace Mantels

The chimney, or fireplace, was once the center of the house. Not only provide heat for the occupants of the house, but also heated their food. Family and guests gathered around the fireplace every day to enjoy its warmth and attend the dinner. Today, we rely more on fire for our daily needs, but still maintains a central decorative role. Show your fireplace mantels to dress up with materials that match and accent your home’s decor.

Education to dress fireplace mantels: cover the mantle with scrap fabric or lace. Let the fabric drape down coat for added drama. Sew tassels on the fabric for a touch of elegance. Put stanchions on both sides of the mantle or of the group of three stanchions together at one end. Place candles in candlesticks.

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Great Fireplace MantelsSize: 1600 x 1600

Elegant Fireplace MantelsSize: 1200 x 1114

Hang a large mirror over the mantel mantle or set it on the mantle and lean against the wall. Book ends in front of the mirror and place vintage books in between. Place small decorative items on the fireplace mantels, as small alarm clocks, antique bottles and pottery.

Indoor Firewood Rack

Fireplaces and wood stoves generate intense heat. The wood is the fuel used. Keep bulk timber outdoor and indoor firewood rack air at all times. Keep a small amount of wood by the fireplace to stoke the fire without making repeated trips to the woodpile. Closed Store firewood stacked neatly on the floor in an indoor firewood rack. Lie on the ground processed messages across. Make sure the ends of the poles are flush. Hook the tape at the end of a pole and pull it to 12 inches. Make a mark on the pole with a pencil 8 centimeters.

Move two places outside the work area. Spread the remaining two places you have 66 inches of space between the inner edges of the posts. Place a 72-inch board perpendicular to the poles, with each end of the table resting on a pole. Move the board so that the bottom edge rests on the 8-inch mark in your messages.

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Connect the adapter to the vertical posts 16 inches with three of his 16d nails. Guide them through the 16-inch side of the table and in the post where it rests. Place the remaining 16-inch plate on the opposite side of the frame to complete the indoor firewood rack.

Making Queen Platform Bed

Queen platform bed – Build a platform bed consists of little more than make a model box with straps in the center and place a solid piece on top. The queen size mattresses measure about 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The platform should be able to sustain those dimensions with about 2 inches along the sides and at the foot of the bed to take into account differences in sizes of manufacturers.

Queen platform bed, place a plank in the floor 60 inches. Measure 1 inch from the edge and put a pencil mark, repeat the mark at the other end of the plank. Do the same with the other two 60-inch boards. Draw straight marks the ends of the boards, with a level or a carpenter’s line.

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Best Queen Platform BedSize: 1480 x 880

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Queen Platform Bed PlanSize: 1920 x 1440

Wood Queen Platform BedSize: 1500 x 1500

Queen platform bed, selects a drill having the same diameter or a slightly lower body of the screws. Place the bit in the drill. Drilled three pilot holes evenly spaced across the line drawn along the boards 60 inches. Vertically placed one of the 60-inch boards and one of the boards 78 inches long shores. Place them forming an L or a 90 ┬░ angle, one end of the cut long side against short bulletin board, by the pilot holes.

White Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

White Wall Mounted Air ConditionerAccording to “Popular Mechanics”, an air conditioner allows you to lower the air temperature in a room. Comfort levels may fall between 61 and 86 degrees F (16 and 30 C). Air conditioners can be permanently installed on an outside wall. The air conditioning is to install a wall may be appropriate when there is a window in the wall or in a specific location where you want to place the unit.


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Choose the site for white wall mounted air conditioner air conditioning on the wall. Hot air rises, so a good place for an air conditioner, according to “Consumer Reports” is between 12 and 48 inches (30 to 90 cm) above the floor in the center of the room. A perfect place for an air conditioner is under a window.


It measures white wall mounted air conditioner air conditioning to know what size should be the hole in the wall. Cut a rectangular hole with a knife to expose at least the width of the wall brackets and do a little larger than the air conditioning. You need space to install the frames following the instructions in the manual of the unit.

Crystal Chandelier Designs Ideas

Modern interpretations of ballrooms Imperial are living room or the dining room is inspired by the sumptuous crystal chandelier of the old royal houses. Complements lighting tending to contemporary style, covered with crystals irregular shapes, or inspired by tradition, with arms and cascades of glass details. The lighting makes it special every home.

Crystal chandelier, in fact, is chic and sophisticated and brings to mind Victorian era. To create a fantastic coup de theater in the living area, you can bet on one or more crystal chandeliers to be placed above the dining table.

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Modern Crystal ChandelierSize: 1024 x 1365

Crystal Chandelier ImageSize: 1440 x 1573

Crystal Chandelier WhiteSize: 1428 x 1428

Crystal Chandelier PhotosSize: 1250 x 1250

Crystal Chandelier KingSize: 1280 x 1280

Crystal Chandelier StyleSize: 1250 x 1250

Square Crystal ChandelierSize: 1192 x 1760

Typical of classic and traditional contexts, the chandelier can be revisited and contextualized in environments of modern inspiration. The case of a modern living room where – between neutral color palette that does not play on the black and white colors and design solutions – cannot miss whimsical additions to create a contrast of style.

The crystal chandelier embellishes stay sober and clean lines, with reflections and beautiful play of light. Plasmandosi forms and lines of current design, crystal chandeliers suggestions regaleranno modern furnishings inspired by the past, for elegant homes who like to live in unique details and special.

Efficient Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts can be used to light fireplace regular firewood, both masonry and pre-fabricated in a gas appliance which is sealed with glass on the front. Most of these inserts Gas fireplace equipped with fans to spread the heat, and also have thermostats Wall-mounted or wall switches and remote controls.

Gas fireplace inserts are much more efficient compared to records vent gas, and sealing glass in the front makes them much safer. Most fireplace inserts gas available these days they are direct vent, which means they have a double vent system – one that is designed to carry the combustion air into the insert, and the second through which the exhaust gases vent.

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Gas Fireplace InsertsSize: 1049 x 800

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Fireplace Inserts DesignSize: 1000 x 557

Fireplace Inserts IdeasSize: 1024 x 684

Gas fireplace inserts have a more contemporary design with an almost flat envelope and brick veneer, which can also simulate architectural stone. Ceramic logs that are included with the inserts are hand painted to simulate real wood. The heating capacity is not as large as the wood inserts, but the style is less intrusive design and operation is easier to use. Discrete secondary controls or gas logs remotely operated can be powered by propane or natural gas. You also have the choice between envelopes of three or four sides to optimize your design preferences.