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Decorate Small Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Decorate a bedroom in a small hut is an act of love. Cabin decor is nice, bright and simple, and brings a sense of containment and relaxation that inhabits. Although a small bedroom decor makes it a challenge, you can decorate almost every bedroom choosing paint colors and suitable furniture. Choose a paint color for wall bright and light. A soft yellow or light blue can work well for small cottage bedroom ideas, making merry and sexually neutral for visitors.

Place a twin or queen in the center of the bedroom against the wall bed. A twin size mattress would be enough unless the bedroom is for a couple. Use whitewashed furniture and a headboard for the bed. This furniture is very nice for a cabin and give a clean brighten the bedroom. Purchase a small bedside table and a desk to complete the cottage bedroom ideas.

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The cabins are generally decorated bed covering with bed sheet with a floral theme and a padded handmade quilt. If you use a floral decoration do not overdo it. Too many flowers will make the cottage bedroom ideas look smaller, so use sheets with flowers and a quilt with a simpler design. Place a mirror to reflect the light from the windows.

Cool Zebra Bedroom Ideas

The black and white is the basis of sophisticated decor cool zebra bedroom ideas, especially if you add zebra print sheets. The scheme works on a large or small bedroom. This one must have an African feel and look like a zoo, if you focus on the patterns and colors and do not enolqueces with accessories safari. Keep it well with modern and sleek glass bedside tables, clean lines and black lacquer furniture.

Cool zebra bedroom ideas choose a complementary color for accessories highlight the issue in print black and white zebra. It may be yellow, orange or green water, for example. Metallic colors also look good in black and white. Red is a color for accents highlighting. Paint the walls a soft gray color.

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Cool Zebra DecorationsSize: 920 x 920

Place two medium gray carpets on each side of the cool zebra bedroom ideas. Place a dressing or a bench at the base of the bed to make the table below. Supports a plush robe in the locker room or at the bank. Visually anchor the bed with black bed skirts. These include zebra sheets, blankets, pillows and blankets and do not compete with them. Also combined with two medium gray carpets on the floor.

Beautiful Tuscan Color Scheme

One of the most characteristic features of Tuscany and the Italian style is Tuscan color scheme. Saturated, bright colors are the most common in this style. For example, red, gold, green, orange and yellow will work well in Tuscan-inspired spaces. Also look at colors of the landscape for inspiration.  To create a schema Tuscan color, choose one or more neutral colors, red shades off, a deep yellow color and an accent color such as green, red glossy or a vivid shade of blue. Together, these colors create a Tuscan atmosphere.

Suitable neutral tones include honey, dark brown, sienna, creamy white, straw and sand. Options include red brick red or terracotta.  They are versatile because it is mixed with both light and dark tones. Often used in decorations households to lower the light tones or join two contrasting colors. Work with neutral colors in a room to illuminate the appearance or furniture begins with neutral tones and introduces other within a Tuscan color scheme.

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You might want to find a work of art or a collection of ceramic that bond with the paint colors you plan to use together Tuscan color scheme. The colors should resemble Earth, the sun, plants, trees, flowers and sky.

Spanish Style Decorating Ideas

Spanish style decorating ideas has its roots in the villas and cottages in the Mediterranean. As Spain extended its empire in the New World, brought your decorating style with him. But the Spanish design was also affected by the cultures of the peoples he conquered, and today is a mixture of Aztec, Mexican and traditional Spanish colonial decor with a touch of Southwestern thrown in for good measure. Spanish style is not limited to a large estate. You can create in your home no matter where you live.

Spanish style decorating ideas, select heavy wooden furniture with intricate carvings and patterns or hand-printed, made of dark woods such as teak, mahogany and ebony. Choosing furniture profusely trimmed brass, copper, tile and wrought iron. Choose oversized upholstered furniture to complement the large pieces of wood that share the room with. Opt for sofas and leather bound, heavy clothing and upholstery chairs.

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Spanish style decorating ideas paint your walls in warm colors like terracotta, muted shades of green, yellow and gold burnished. Use rich jewel tones like red wine and purple amethyst accent walls. Apply textured paint to emulate the irregular surface of plaster and stucco. Most paint manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams Behr and make textured paint, and can be purchased at any store home improvement.

Beautiful Red Living Room Ideas

Accounts with different options are red living room ideas. One of the best ideas you can try is to acquire one or more sofas with this color. A game with these, you can place a rug in the center of the room. If you look at the image, you play a lot of close to red, like orange and pink tones. Here, in principle are not the best allies for this, but arranging tastefully may look great.

The red living room ideas themselves we recommend if you want to create contrast with white or yellow. They can choose them, for example for a coffee table or a decorative object such as a vase or a lamp. On the other hand, coatings such as floor or walls can be left blank, but red also gets along very well with brown. That is, with the wood.

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Parquet floors or walls in brown tones of this material can give an ideal result. Also, if you like so rustic, wooden imagine living room with red tones in sofas, rugs and, of course, the fire. Are you romantic, passionate, vital? Then you cannot miss the red living room ideas.

How To Decorate A Dining Table

How to decorate a dining table for Christmas dining with the holidays just around the corner, we present of ho tricks to expand the space of the living room and thus enjoy family meals without strain. It is advisable to remove those objects that are not essential or enlarge the table by adding a sheet of plywood which then clog with tablecloth

How to decorate a dining table you can expand the table if the table is not big enough you can always then place a sheet of plywood that will be covered by the tablecloth and no one will know the difference

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Limit table decoration: in how to decorate a dining table this case is better to err in excess shortage. excessive decoration can become disorder, so it is best to opt for minimal adornment and maximize the table surface make outdoor party: if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate other option is to have the party in the garden and use the dining room as well as the buffet area how to decorate a dining table: perhaps the dining table can be positioned differently so that there is more space, for example, place it diagonally