Best Upholstered Counter Stools

Upholstered counter stools – You have a couple of stools that just do not fit with the rest of your house? Do not give by lost without a fight. This type of furniture can be painted and redesign in endless ways. The stools are particularly sensitive, because the frames can be painted and pads can be reupholstered. Some new fabric and paint can give you a fresh updated on an afternoon stools.

Posted on December 13, 2022 Home Furniture

Upholstered counter stools carried out stools and place them on a cloth. Spray paint tends to move and its use is not recommended in confined areas. Remove the cushions of your stools. If they are screwed, turn the stool and unscrew the seat frame. If your stool has an upholstered back and seat, seat covers completely using a light canvas and plastic tape.

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Upholstered counter stools, thoroughly clean your stools to remove grease and dirt that might interfere with primer and paint. Lightly sand piece using sandpaper fine grain. Apply a primer in aerosol appropriate for your type of stool. Apply two to three coats of primer until the original finish of the stools no longer visible. Let the primer dry completely.