Best Kids Air Hockey Table

Kids air hockey table – Best air hockey tables are those that can be found in a gallery, tavern or other entertainment complex. They are 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. They have Formica top and a cabinet table as tough pool. They also have coin slot mechanisms intake quarter and electronic scoring.

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Blue-top original table Air Hockey 1970s built by Brunswick is rarely found. These are tables that professionals play and compete. However, when purchased new, which can be quite expensive for consumer (Dynamo basic model runs about $ 2500 and basic model tornado around $ 2100). If you cannot afford to purchase a kids air hockey table that works with new coins.

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Second, if prices remain more than you are willing to spend, then buying an actual table model home may be for you. Most of source tables purporting to be pro quality are far from being so. Most are only 7 feet (or shorter) long and are weak, as a toy and offer kids air hockey table experience very different from tables of coin-op. If you decide to buy one, do a lot of research and testing. You can find these tables in major sporting goods retailers and department stores Sears type. Play at tables before buying them. See which are stable and well built. Hit hard to see amount of force you can take before flying disc. Harder, better. Prices of these tables range from $ 200- $ 700.