Best Convertible Pool Table

Convertible pool table – Installing a pool at home, if you do not have much space, it can be a problem because the table American is large and the area is monopolized by the game. There is convertible pool table that you can put them a cover, this is a solution but it is not ideal because it is not comfortable as a dining table.

Posted on October 23, 2022 Pool Tables

The table convertible pool has plenty of room for people who sit at the table to eat, have plenty of room for your legs. This was a drawback in the pool tables with ball return that put a lid on top. Convertible pool table with its beautiful design and also gives practical solution for both goals, offers a fun pool and a useful table.

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The table legs are adjustable convertible pool, a height of 81.5 to 86 5 cm. This way they can sit well in a chair and can put legs under the table and be able to use to study, eat or play billiards. The design and colors of the table are from a study table or dining so it is more easily integrated into the decor of your home. Convertible pool table is made ​​of wood MDF color beech and the table mat it is blue.