Benefits Of Stand Up Desk Attachment

Stand up desk attachment – To begin with, you burn a lot more calories when standing than in the sitting position. Obesity and heart disease has increased because the people have become more sedentary. The worst is when you are sitting at work, take the car home and then continue the evening in front of the TV.

Posted on December 21, 2022 Standing Desk

When you stand up desk attachment, you activate different muscles in the body. The legs, for example, may work as well as the back muscles. Through the calculator on the CCI can set a couple of factors based on their situation and see what a difference the standing position does on a daily basis. If you weigh 60 kg and sits down on the job for five hours to do the 150 extra calories if, instead standing up. According to research, one can burn calories equivalent to four kilograms of weight in a year.

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If you have the opportunity to acquire a height stand up desk attachment, it’s a good idea. Then you can vary the time you stand up to a little rest when you sit down. In fact, they usually recommend that you start the day in a standing position, when you get reasonably rested and fresh in the morning. If the energy continues to be, otherwise it will take you a break when you sit down and work. After the coffee break and lunch should stand up again, and so on. You can also put their papers on a low shelf and stand up and read and write. The important thing is that the arms are supported and it is high enough. If you get tired of the lumbar spine can have a box or the like to set up one foot on, it usually relieve pretty good.