Beauty of Spiral Staircase

Oct 4th

We saw in the post of floating stairs how duplex or two-story houses the staircase can become the essential focus of decoration. It also sometimes becoming almost a sculpture. This is also the case of spiral staircase will see today. It’s an architectural element that will undoubtedly become the focus of the entry or living room, where it is placed is impossible to go unnoticed.

wood spiral staircase
wood spiral staircase

Spiral Staircase at Home

The spiral staircase whose main advantage is its unquestionable beauty. Thanks to the hypnotic effect of a spiral in the human eye as well as a reduction in the space horizontally , as only occupy a wide diameter that they are want to give. While straight stairs need several meters long horizontally to get from the first rung to the last, it’s lots simpler.

12 Photos Gallery of: Beauty of Spiral Staircase

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However, spiral staircase also have some disadvantages, it is that in general tend to be much less practical than the stairs of a single tranche. Imagine having to climb a mattress, or a mattress upstairs! In addition, although less space horizontally, they do in volume, and also by their own forces so place them in the center of a room (or at least not against the wall), so that sometimes tend to be a nuisance to relocate the furniture.

Spiral Staircase Designs

Spiral staircase in your home is the aesthetic part to liven up the room. It also will be the signature part of your home people can’t ignore. When dedicating yourself in its selection, the most important thing is choosing the design to fit the space. It also will ease installation process. Find out ourĀ  staircase photo collection right below. The designs make you amazed.