Beauty Of Bamboo Flooring

Beauty and elegance of a wooden floor is hard to emulate any other suitable floor material. In any case, a more sustainable alternative in environmental terms is bamboo flooring -image is Bamboo- Moso. And, although it is not formally a wood but a grass, it has excellent properties. First, it is very hard and tough. Moreover, it is fastest growing species of earth up to one meter per day. Thus, bamboo only needs 5-6 years to fully mature; compared to 70 years of a used oak wood -soil- or IPE 100 (a tropical species).

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If we look at its functional characteristics, bamboo flooring, like this Naturwood, distributed by Exclusive MV, they pass with flying colors. In fact, have hardness similar to that of oak wood used in soil, thanks to high density of structure, making them rigid and stable.  And what is better, these characteristics can be optimized with particular manufacturing, which give added strength to pavement surface.

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There are different kinds of bamboo flooring, depending on structure of slats. Vertical and horizontal are result of pasting together slats of bamboo vertically or horizontally, which gives a different finish though similar to oak in both cases (a 4.0 in Brinell tests) hardness.