Beautiful Tuscan Color Scheme

One of the most characteristic features of Tuscany and the Italian style is Tuscan color scheme. Saturated, bright colors are the most common in this style. For example, red, gold, green, orange and yellow will work well in Tuscan-inspired spaces. Also look at colors of the landscape for inspiration.  To create a schema Tuscan color, choose one or more neutral colors, red shades off, a deep yellow color and an accent color such as green, red glossy or a vivid shade of blue. Together, these colors create a Tuscan atmosphere.

Posted on November 10, 2022 Color Ideas

Suitable neutral tones include honey, dark brown, sienna, creamy white, straw and sand. Options include red brick red or terracotta.  They are versatile because it is mixed with both light and dark tones. Often used in decorations households to lower the light tones or join two contrasting colors. Work with neutral colors in a room to illuminate the appearance or furniture begins with neutral tones and introduces other within a Tuscan color scheme.

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You might want to find a work of art or a collection of ceramic that bond with the paint colors you plan to use together Tuscan color scheme. The colors should resemble Earth, the sun, plants, trees, flowers and sky.