Beautiful Master Bedroom Design To Comfy You

I love writing this post, now we are talking about master bedroom. Yup, bedroom is my most favorite room at home. I spend days to take a rest in bedroom, while doing many interesting things, including me time. I read book in my bedroom, i do my project in my bedroom, sometime i also watch favorite dramas in bedroom. Of course I do many things in my bedroom.

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Master Bedroom DesignSize: 1440 x 862

How to Decorate Master Bedroom

When we are talking about bedroom, particularly master bedroom, the style will be important thing to consider. We should choose the best bedroom decor for it to make us, as its user, feel really comfortable inside. Here are for the more ideas i want to share with you to help you decorating master bedroom.

  1. You need to choose the right bedroom style. Master bedroom is the most important bedroom in our home. Its style will be particularly as the most important thing when you are decorating it. There are many popular styles you can take into account. Modern and contemporary style will be nice with its boldness. Rustic style also will be cool with something simple yet fascinating.
  2. The next thing you should consider is about wall color. I got the old stuffy and dark new bedroom at house. I saw that it was really terrifying. After all, i decided to change its color. I choose serenity wall color combined with mint. Yes, those are pallet colors, and they work best in my old dark room. With the light colors combined, my new bedroom looks lots better with those color combination.
  3. After calculating the color for your master bedroom, now it is the time for you choosing the best furniture. There are many different furniture you should have in your master bedroom such as headboard, nightstands, cabinet, and of course bedding itself. I choose queen size bed for my master bedroom. It is adequate for your master bedroom for the size of room. Combined with minimalist headboard, it works best.
  4. Lighting is another big thing you should consider so well when you are decorating master bedroom. Choose the good lighting that works best for the room. You can choose lighting over the bed, with ceiling light or flush mount light. Some people even choose chandelier for the master bedroom. They are cool to serve adequate lighting overall the bedroom.
  5. Do not forget to choose the right window treatment and curtain. You can combine sheer and curtain for more privacy. Choose good curtain style that fits to your bedroom theme.