Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Bean Bag Chair Pattern– Bean bag chairs provide casual and comfortable seating. Children and teenagers especially love to sit on them for reading, watching television or playing video games. They are expensive in a store or online, but you can easily make your favorite fabric. Make the pattern bean bag chair requires only a few steps and large pieces of paper.

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Once the pattern is complete, place the bean bag chair together. Bean bag chair pattern Things You Need Large pieces of Paper tape measure Scissors Instructions Pattern Side Place the paper on a table or on hard ground. Make a mark on the top with his pencil. Measuring 1.28 meters (50 1/2 inches) down from the first mark and make another mark. Find the midpoint between the marks,

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If you are going to draw lines and bean bag chair pattern between the marks, they form a cross. Draw a curved top mark on the lower mark, to mark the left. The line should look like great parentheses. Repeat on the right side. Measure 7.5 cm (3 inches) below the top point and draw a small U-shaped line, shallow pattern of left to right line.