Attractive Stick Hockey Table

Stick hockey table are immediately recognizable and can add interest to a den area or television for hockey fans. Two sticks of hockey extend parallel to a wall and attach with nails or screws. More battered bat better. Sticks may be hanging over door threshold or more interest. To take it to next level, screw a hockey stick to front of a standard rack to create illusion that club is holding books instead.

Posted on September 23, 2022 Hockey Table

For a basic job stick hockey table, use wooden sticks art, painting and chenille stems. Cut 1-inch wooden stick and tail back at an angle to resemble a hockey stick. Use paint for striping and write your name or a favorite hockey team at bat. Moreover, use of large wooden sticks to create an art of hockey stick wall enclosing post twines to hang on wall. Another idea is to use hockey sticks as curtain rods for a hockey-themed room.

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Make a stick hockey table with real ice filling a baking pan half-freezer with water. Cut a basket of fruit in half and place each half on a different ending in pan to create goals. Place tray in freezer overnight. Break 1 inch from end of corn dog sticks and glue them back at an angle to resemble hockey sticks. Use hockey sticks and a black button to play a game of table hockey. Another idea is to use self-hardening clay to make hockey sticks, pucks and ice skates. Let time clay to dry overnight and paint each. Display items in a hockey-themed room or give them to your friends.