Attractive Ideas Electric Fireplace TV Stand

A fireplace has always been a point focal any room. Now, with electric fireplace TV stand, many people like to put their other focal point, TV above fireplace. It is an attractive way to display it, and certainly saves space, but it’s a good idea?

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If you are not concerned about hiding electric fireplace TV stand completely, you can help it fit better for in-wall, so it is less visible and more refined. This method has added advantage of hiding cables or wires in wall, but also makes it more difficult if you need to repair or remove your flat after screen.

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For a high-tech electric fireplace TV stand that is sure to impress your friends and family, consider buying an electric fireplace with a flat screen pop. Unless you have an existing fireplace to work with, you can kill two birds with one stone. An electric elevator has a flat screen TV inside a freestanding fireplace with a surrounding enclosure. Elevator is hidden inside cabinet until lights; then elevator raises TV through a hidden on top of cabinet slot. Lift screen up when you want to see, and when finished, slides down in closet of fireplace to be completely hidden and out of way.