Appealing Landscape Retaining Wall Blocks

Landscape retaining wall blocks – For many homeowners with an odd lot, or tray, it is necessary retaining walls. While there are many materials to choose from, such as wood or landscape band, rock and stone product retaining walls is a good choice for durability, less gear shifting and attractiveness.

Posted on October 12, 2022 landscape lighting

If your wall is less than three feet, you can consider using field stone, stacked two rows, side by side. Choose stone carefully and place the larger stones on the bottom, burying them halfway into the ground. The coincidence of landscape retaining wall blocks stone shapes and colors add to the appeal. If you need a height greater than three feet consider large boulders. These must be placed by machinery capable of lifting and setting them up.

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Tumbled stone, with softened edges, makes an appealing landscape retaining wall blocks. Build them with different sized rocks in a random pattern for an interesting look. These walls should be cemented together, can be as thick as you choose, and topped with capping stone. Stones can be purchased in various shades of brown, gray and yellow. Bricks come in many different shapes, colors and sizes and can be versatile as a retaining wall. They are easy to curve contour for a landscape due to the smaller size. Colors range from white to red and brown, yellow or gray.