Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets White

Antiqued kitchen cabinets – come in all styles, colors and materials, metal and wood laminates. Applying an antique finish for white cabinets can change look and feel of a kitchen. Sand and treating surface with paint of milk, which is manufactured from quicklime and casein, a protein in milk, and is supplied in powder form. Milk paint is deceptively difficult and dries to a beautiful antique ivory finish. This painting is widely available at home improvement centers and hardware stores.

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Go on all surfaces you plan to antiqued kitchen cabinets, including trim, cabinet drawers and sides with medium grit sandpaper. Apply a primer coat of acrylic bonding with a brush, let dry for four hours before continuing.

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Mix equal parts of milk powder paint and water with a stir stick in a plastic container until paint has consistency of double cream. Make as much paint you need because it will spoil in a few days. Milk will paint antiqued kitchen cabinets, a soft gentle look. Let paint dry for four hours, and then apply a second coat. Purchase and install replacement knobs, handles and drawer handles are gold, brass, glass or porcelain to add a finishing touch.