Aluminum Landscape Edging Ideas

Aluminum landscape edging – If you have planted a garden or flower beds in your garden, you will find that a problem you are experiencing is the disappearance of the border between the beds and your lawn. This may lead to running into bed when you mow the lawn or lawn grows your carefully weeded beds. One step you can take to prevent this situation is to install aluminum landscape edging.

Posted on November 14, 2022 landscape ideas


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Measure the length of the bed so that you know how many aluminums you need. To do this, measure the circumference of the flower bed and share that with the length of the bricks to get the number of aluminums that you need to surround the bed. Dig a trench along the edge of the bed with the aid of a trimming knife. Driving stakes into the ground at the ends of the bed and run a mason’s line between actions. Placing a brick on the front of the trench and lower mason’s line until it rests on top of the bricks. Make sure the line is level.

Fill the trench with aluminums, to ensure that they are equal to the first aluminum. Tap them in the ground with a rubber mallet if too high. If they are too low, add more soil under the bricks. Filling bent corners with curved bricks or cut standard bricks to fit into corners with a wet saw. Cut aluminums with wet saw, after the marks you made on the aluminums. Water District and pack the soil with a tamper when done on the aluminums. This will keep the aluminum landscape edging in straight line.