Acrylic Dining Table Ideas

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Best Acrylic Dining Table Ideas

Acrylic dining table – In a house with a view of nature, you have designed a dining table as with casual and fun lines that are out of the usual in this type of tables, bringing originality to this room. It is made with thin slats of solid fire wood, which gives the table an air of naturalness and simplicity.

With solid wood can be made very sturdy tables, like this as acrylic dining table. The legs are designed with a distinctly prominent on the remaining thickness proportions, with the intention that it be a table to convey strength and durability. The board, consisting of six pieces of 50 mm thick, contributes to the resilience of the table.

Acrylic dining table this time, instead of machembrar and glue boards in the longitudinal direction of the table, you did crosswise, giving the dining table as a different and original air. This arrangement of the boards is used to visually offset the effect of long and narrow table. It is made with solid cedar. With old wood of an old warehouse in the Alcarria, we made at the request of a client these wooden benches and table. The screws holding the bar table them out of an abandoned combine.

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