5 Surprising Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

It is  a great idea to have office at home. For you as the freelancer, home will be the great place for work. You can turn a certain spot in your home into a cool office or workplace to do many things. There you will work with your computer, the desk, chair, bookcase, stationary and other things which relate to office activity. So providing best furniture is done firstly. In advance, you must think so cautiously about its layout. So here are 5 surprising home office design ideas small spaces you can check we have compiled from google.com to inspire you.

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L-Shaped Desk

In this image, you can see that people use L shaped desk to have maximum area of home office in small space. It will be really effective to save space. L shaped desk with more drawers will be a good storage solution in your small home office. To find this item will be easy in online market.

Office Under the Stair

How about a workplace under the stair? It sounds creative and effective. Under the stair is usually an unused spot at home, and you can turn it into a cool home office with a cool desk and chair. Select the appropriate desk and chair that fit to the area size.

Small Office in Bedroom

Everyone feel so free in their bedroom. So why do not you consider to include a workplace in your bedroom as well? Here are the way you can set it and style it, neat but effective. Everything smaller is the key so space will be used effectively.

Next to the Window

Problems in small space are darkness and stuffy. So you can decorate a home office near the window, it makes you get better light and air circulation. This will be a good idea so you can every when look outside when you feel bored with your work.

Lighter Wall Color

To have fresh home office in small space, try to color it with off white. Lighter wall color will be the great idea. It blends very perfectly with your dark furniture. This way is also effective to make your small space looks little bit larger than its reality.