3 Point Landscape Rake Utilities

3 point landscape rake – Spaces rakes is wide, many toothed attachments that attach to the back of a small tractor. They resemble the head of a conventional rake in most respects except for the size and strength of teeth or pins. They are designed to move materials such as dirt or debris over a flat area of ‚Äč‚Äčland for a smoothing effect. The surface of the soil can be aerated any of the pins are set to dig into the surface a few inches.

Posted on October 4, 2022 landscape design

Clear Debris

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Cleaning flat, low grassland baseball field with a 3 point landscape rake sometimes can quickly remove large amounts of debris. The pins are set to run just above the soil surface, but not deep enough to disturb the grass roots. The size of the debris can be cleaned depends on the distance of the landscape rake teeth. Closer distances will catch the smaller debris.

Lawn Preparation

The teeth of the 3 point landscape rake are quite durable. After the debris has been removed from an area intended for the new lawn is the teeth of the 3 point landscape rake set to dig in the soil about an inch. When it is pulled or pushed across the lawn, rake the landscape will put the final grade to a smooth and level surface while breaking up the surface layer of dirt to allow the roots of the grass planted over it to penetrate deeply.